Ecovert Flooring®

EcoVert Flooring is a branded name for MCB Products, Inc. MCB Products, formerly known as Midwest Cushion Brokers, has been in business since 1988. EcoVert Flooring® searches the world to find unique high-quality products and makes them available to meet all your customers’ needs. Our cutting-edge designed products are leaders in design and technology that provide solutions to many flooring applications. It is our mission "to provide exceptional, innovative, quality and environmentally conscious products while upholding our social and ecological responsibility. "

Floover Loose Lay Anti-Skid
Floover Loose Lay Anti-skid is a revolutionary flooring that doesn’t need glue or any other fixation to the subfloor. It makes it easy and quick to install, perfect for projects for which fast installations are required. Its resistant top layer and great stability make it suitable for any kind of use, including high traffic areas.
Floover Waterproof Flooring
A European-designed collection of multilayer rigid waterproof vinyl flooring with a Unilin click system for ease of installation. Ecovert Flooring provides high-fashion designed products available on multiple cores—from HDF to 100% waterproof SplasH20—that can be installed in any space, providing the ultimate solution for commercial and residential projects.